How to snapshot backup and restore server

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  1. minttux

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    Is there any solution to backup or take snapshot of whole of server and restore it inside server?
    for example i want to upgrade or update server but it maybe makes some problem so if i can take snapshot or backup before update or install anything and that break server then i can restore it easily .
    any solution ?
  2. till

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    Personally, I use a lightweight virtualisation layer on all servers, in my case OpenVZ, but there are other options as well. On the Host there is just a minimal Linux system installed that runs the OpenVZ kernel and Tools, the actual server setup is in one or more virtual machines. This allows me to take snapshots of the server(s) for backup purposes or tests easily. I don't take a backup of the host OS itself as it is just a miminal install to run the virtual machines, setting it up again does not take longer then a restore of a backup would take.
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  3. Ovidiu

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    I recently started doing exactly what Till recommended using Proxmox for virtualization. Highly recommended. An additional benefit is that migrating a server to a new physical machine is now much easier.
  4. onastvar

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    Till, Which "HowTo" would you recommend for similar setup?

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