how to stop spaming from my mail server

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  1. Hi till bro,
    I am providing mail service with ispconfig . Recently I am facing a hard problem as like some unknown user send more mail to gmail and others from my mail server . Then my mail service is not working and gmail blocked my ip . Please help me how resolve this problem. Please Please.
  2. till

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    Check who is sending this email by inspecting the emails in the queue with the postcat command. You can shwo all mails in the queue with:

    postqueue -p

    each mail has a ID consisting of chars and numbers at the beginning of the line, you can use this ID with postcat:

    postcat -q messageid

    to take a look into the email. there search for the authenticated sender, thats the account that has sent the email trough your server with authentucation. If the email is spam, then either your customer or more likely someone that infected the PC of your customer with a virus or trojan is sending these mails.
  3. till bro ,
    Thanks for your replay. Please write to me how to stop more email sending with one email id form my mail server.
    Thanks again.
  4. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Change the password of the account in ISPConfig.
  5. Till bro,
    Thanks for your cordial replay. But I want to know how to set sending limit in postfix. Please help .
  6. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    You have identified the account that sends spam? Then the solution is to chane the password of that account to stop the spam sending, then you have to contact your customer and ask him to scan his PC for viruses before you hand him over the new password for the mail account.

    That's a different topic and not related to identify and stop spamming on your server. Search the forum for policyd and postfwd, this has been discussed several times.

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