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Discussion in 'Developers' Forum' started by squinky86, Sep 19, 2010.

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    I stumbled upon this project while searching for a cpanel alternative. One thing I'd like to be more intuitive is how to submit patches. I didn't need all the features of cpanel, and ispconfig 3 seems to be doing exactly what I needed (once the mailman integration that appears to be planned for 3.0.4 is complete, I'll be set!).

    What is needed is a way for users and tinkerers (like myself) to be able to submit patches. As I find small bugs in the system, I'd like to fix them and submit small patches. In other projects, this is done through the bug tracker, but there's no intuitive way to add attachments in the ispconfig bugtracker:[0]=1

    What is the protocol for submitting patches to the developers or recommending code changes?
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    We had problems with spam and malware attachments in the bugtracker and documentation site, so we do not allow newly registered user to attach files there.

    There are several ways to submit patches to the ispconfig project:

    1) send your patches by email to dev [at] ispconfig [dot] org

    2) Request that your bugtracker account gets upgraded to developer status which allows you to submit patches too. This can be done by writing an email to the above email address or by requesting it here in the dev forum. We need to know your bugtracker user name then.

    3) The third option, especially if you like to contribute larger chunks of code is to request svn access by sending us an email with your forum username and if availbale your sourceforge user.
  3. till

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    I've enabled attachments now for your bugtracker account.
  4. squinky86

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    Ah, thank you! That was fast and easy.
    EDIT: And thank you for the software.
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