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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by eddie67, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. eddie67

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    I have installed latest ISPConfig 2 on Ubuntu 9.04 and everything went smooth.

    I have the server as and then ISPConfig as and that is all good.

    What I wonder is when I type in URL I now naturally get the "It works" - message. How do I treat the main URL of the server, where do I upload the files for that particular site? In the Shared_ip folder?

    I did not set up the URL through the ISPConfig yet, as I am concerned if I do it, in the same way I would with any other URL, the and especially would not work anymore.

    Could anyone please tell me?

  2. till

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    Every website is treated equally, so there is no such thing as a main URL. If you want to have a website for a domain, add it as website in ISPConfig.
  3. eddie67

    eddie67 New Member

    Thank you

    I apreciate your time to answer.

    I did what you suggested, and it worked without any problem whatsoever.

    Thank you!


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