Howto 2008 kernel update?

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    I posted this question already on, but I think it is better suited to ask here:
    I was installing Mandriva 2008 according to the perfect set-up. It went great until I came to vmware. when it asked me

    What is the location of the directory of C header files that match your running
    kernel? [/usr/src/linux/include]

    I gave it the entry
    as suggested by the perfect set-up
    which I verified with uname -r

    OK then i got the error message
    "... The directory of kernel headers (version does not match your running kernel (version ...."

    I went into /usr/src/linux/Makefile
    and changed the EXTRAVERSION entrance from 9-1mdvcustom to 9-desktop-1mdv and recompiled the kernel with make in this directory. I could install vmware without a problem. The only thing is, which is also indicated in "The perfect Setup" no application entrance has been created. i have to do it manually. But when I right click on application to edit menu, i see the main menu wants to start but after a few seconds it goes away and no main menu appears. How can i get the main menu to work? has it to do that I changed the "custom" to recompile the kernel source?

    Hm OK, after a restart I saw that it must have updated the kernel to the latest 2.6.22-12 (at least uname -r changed from 9 to 12) and now I have to recompile the kernel again? How would I do that and can I just uninstall vmware as suggested by the perfect setup?
    I cannot install labview either for this reason now. This might have prevented the main menu from opening?
    How can I safely update the kernel and then tell it not to automatically update every single new kernel version? As this would mean i have to uninstall and reinstall vmware every kernel update?
    My guess is that Falko perhaps you should add a restart of the system after the update process with urpmi online repositories?
    Perhaps I am just not understanding how all this works ....
    Anyway thanks already for this great work, which let people like me install such OS with almost no problem ....

    Hope you can help
    Thanks a lot
  2. falko

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    Simply run
    whenever the kernel gets updated. It should detect the new kernel and try to build the new VMware modules (provided it finds the kernel sources).

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