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    I'm in the position where I have 2 DNS servers with 2 separate IP's. I'm running MyDNS and MyDNS Config as described in the How To's for Ubuntu 6.10 - but I'm using 7.04. No changes needed.

    My Web server is on a 3rd separate IP. Configured according to the ISP Config perfect setup for Ubuntu 7.04.

    My domain is used for both my name servers and my web server.

    Records in MyDNSConfig are for zone ""

    A - Records
    ns1 -
    ns2 -
    www -

    and the same for ISP Config.

    In console on the DNS servers the "host" command says it doesn't exist while other domains configured in exactly the same manner turns up with no trouble at all. On my web server the host commands run smooth for all domain names ns1..., www.... and so on and so forth.

    I've read that glue records exist, are configurable and is most probably what I need to resolve this issue. What I can't find is anything more than just "now set up your glue records" or "in this case use glue records" or "glue records are used when you use the same domain name for your name servers as you do for you web server". That part I have established - I need glue records.

    I've noticed other people struggle with the same issue and thought I would make a suggestion post. I cant think that this is a MAJOR issue and it should be resolved within minutes (if not seconds). But none the less, the issue still remains:

    How to Configure your DNS records using you main domain name for both your Name servers and your web server.
    I.E. - How to create your Glue Records using MyDNSConfig and ISPConfig.

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    How To Set up Glue Records

    My First How To - How to setup Glue Records:

    Step 1 - Do all the perfect setups to fill your hearts content.

    Step 2 - Do your DNS Server installations and setups.

    Note: Not necessarily in this particular order.

    Step 3 - Phone your Registrar and tell them to set you up with some Glue Records. :D

    Short but sweet.
    (I'll only find out tomorrow just how sweet though as this has not been tried and tested yet. Till tomorrow that is.)


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