Howto set up a streaming server?

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    Hello all! I've been using Debian Sarge linux for less then a year. I made a server setup with apache, php and mysql using the nice tutorial "The Perfect Setup - Debian Sarge (3.1)" and also got samba working. This was almost easy.

    Now, I want to broadcast pre-recorded video from a hd or a dvd to a small audience. I've searched but didn't find a clear way to do it.

    I could really use some help on installing and setting up a streaming server (vls?...), creating .pls files (how do I get the link to view the emission?), etc. Is there a way to broadcast directly to a web page?

    Can anybody help or give orientation?
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    Thanks, it really cleared things up...
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    To Setup a streaming server


    I need your advise in setting up a streaming server.

    One of my client who is running a TV company and now interested in making a website, where the public could view his TV Programs via the website.

    TV company is telecasting its program in two different countries.

    Now the TV company want us to make a website seperately for two different countries with the same functionalities and in different language.

    We are going to develop the website in PHP/MYsql

    For streaming, TV Company has suggested the following approach

    TV Company will convert all the TV Programs into a web enable format FLV by using FFMPEG, which we have to read and do it and for which the following server setup has been identied

    1) Two Seperate storage server(public server) for two different countries, where in conversion takes place in different places for two different countries and placed in different places.

    2) My Webserver through streaming technique will read the converted FLA files and display it in the website by the concept of streaming, based on the country from which user is trying to browse the site.

    Let me know the suggested approach is good and which company should I need to rely on in getting the server setup configured for us.

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  6. ege

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    live streaming

    I like to do function streaming business. can you tell me
    how to do live streaming from handycam and what are the prosses?

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    Hey nor, I wanted to set up a streaming server too and after looking for tutorials I found this new solution which is free and really simple You can do live streaming or playlist audio/video streaming.
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    I want to make a website with live streaming

    I want to make a website with live streaming, something like , for my country! (an online television ) I do not know exactly what I need. Also if you cannot tell me everything, I can pay a developer to help me. I am a webdesigner, but I am new with this video stuff! Please help, thanks!
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    Check out
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    I am a newbie to video streaming. I like to setup a video streaming in the following manor. iPod Touch's camera streams video to wifi home router, then be able to bring up a web page on any computers on-site or off-site over the internet to view the live video from the iPod camera. To make things easier at first, I can setup a local network with a server to try everything. If there are existing solutions out there for something similar to what I want to do, but using a webcam on a PC rather than iPod, I can start from there too.
    I have seen videos on youTube doing the exact thing I am looking for but using an Android phone. However, there was no details at all how it was done and what components are needed.
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    This is a general description for a server, but the topic of this page was "Video Streaming".
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    You may want to check out the NGMSMgr part of Nex Gen Media Server ( Its basically a Web Portal to all stored media. Users can click and play media regardless whether they're coming from a browser or mobile phone. The server handles both live and static media and creates thumbnails of all the content. When I installed it it was a bit esoteric configuration-wise but once I got it down it worked well.
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    Setup your own video server

    If waht you want is just to setup a backend video server where host your own videos in order to be embeeded in other interfaces (like WordPress or similar) you don't need a specific server just for some videos, you can use HTML5 for embeed the object and the video will be delivered to the modern web browsers.

    If you are looking for something professional where store, convert and server the videos using flash or HTML5, with an administrative interface, etc... then you need something like Kaltura CE

    Take a look at the system, it's Open Source. It's complex to setup but you have courses in Udemy if you need help for configuring:
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    One of my customer who is operating a TV organization and now enthusiastic about creating a web page, where the community could perspective his TV Applications via the web page.
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    You should make sure that you really require a streaming server, for most of the posts here that does not seem to be the case.

    1. You already have the videos you want to show to your costumers / You want to upload them dynamically but will make sure they are already formated correctly

    a) Use flash-videos. First you convert your videos to flash and put them onto your webserver so they can be downloaded for instance by using a url ''. THen you create a HTML file that embedds a flash-player and point that flash player to the video URL. Just google 'flash video player', there is quite a lot to choose from. Your done.

    b) Use HTML5. First convert your files to ogg and/or mp4 and/or other formats and put them on your webserver so they can be downloaded using a url like ''. Create a HTML page and use a video tag with inner source tags pointing to the video files. html5demos contains examples on how to do that. Your done.

    Instead of putting the files on your webserver you can also create a php page, java-servlet or other server sided technology that pull the files from a database. This has the advantage that you can write a page to upload video files as well. In any case you dont need a streaming server for that.

    2) Your files are demos for your product, commercials, original content like music videos you create, lets plays, video tutorials.
    You should consider creating a YouTube channel that links to your Website, post the videos there and then also embedd the videos on your side. That has the advantage that people that watch the videos on your side will raise the view-count for your YouTube channel which will generate additional awareness of your website. Also costumers have a higher chance of stumbling upon your content which might raise the visitor count on your Website considerably.

    3) You want to live stream specific content like video game footage. Consider using a pre-existing website that specializes in this kind of content. You have a much higher chance of potential viewers finding your stream there. In most cases you can also embed those sites players into your website.

    4) None of the above cases apply to you. For instance you might need the ability for users to upload videos to your site which your site must then automatically convert into different formats, generate thumbnails for them or apply a watermark. You might also want to only share the live-stream with specific people. In that case your really do need to set up your own system for streaming/video conversion/thumbnail creation. You should however be aware that setting up such an environment is much more time consuming than the first three solutions. If you can afford it there are solutions like Kaltura. Otherwise you should follow the links in previous posts which seem promissing.

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