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  1. a13519

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    Hello, I have successfully setupped the ISPConfig on Unbuntu 12.04, add the DNS zone and email box, but how do I setup email client? What server for POP3/SMTP? and username and password?

  2. srijan

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    Goto your ISPConfig webinterface with Admin account.

    Email-->EmailAlias-->and save

    further goto

    Email Mailbox and add the entry and save now you have a valid email account with password.

    Further you can access the mail account at webmail at http://yourserverIP/squirrelmail
    You do have the username and password just created above.

    POp3/SMTP depends on the perfect server which you have followed to mend the Perfect Server.
  3. till

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    you can use any domain or IP address that points to your server.

    The username is te full email address and the pasword is the one that you entered for this email account while you created it in ISPConfig.

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