HowtoForge Subscription: New subscription interval and payment options available

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    The HowtoForge subscription is a way to support our work here at HowtoForge, the development of the ISPConfig Hosting Control Panel, and the ISPConfig and Linux support we provide here in the HowtoForge forum. Plus, it gives you access to the ISPConfig Manual and the ISPConfig priority support forum and the subscription disables ads on HowtoForge for your account.

    In the past, the HowtoForge subscription was available as a monthly and half-yearly subscription. We have now added a yearly subscription option. Besides that, we switched to as a payment provider, which allows us to offer credit card payments again.

    More about the HowtoForge subscription can be found here:

    Please note: there are no changes for existing subscribers currently subscribed through Paypal, your subscription will continue as before. If you are subscribed through Paypal and wish to change to a yearly subscription or direct Credit Card payments, then please cancel your current subscription at Paypal at the end of the subscription period and sign up for a new subscription here, as we can not move over existing subscriptions from PayPal to automatically.
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