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  1. Telekomiker

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    Hello !
    I did everything as described in
    and got unfortunately the following problems:
    1. When called for the first time, the Nextcloud denial message "Untrusted Domain" appeared. How should I come from a trusted domain at this time?
    2. When called up again, only a white page appears, nothing else. How can this be fixed and how can I get the setup script to run?
    3. How can I migrate an existing and running NextcloudPi installation to the new website (user, calendar, etc.)?
    Thanks in advance for your help !
    Telekomiker from Germany
  2. nhybgtvfr

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    1, I believe you have to add your server ip, and possibly localhost and to the trusted domains array in /web/config/config.php
    you may want to add the domain name itself as well ( and any applicable subdomains)

    2. may be related to not being trusted. otherwise I'd suggest looking in /var/www/<domainname>/log/error.log see if any useful error information is getting logged. something like this is usually certificate or php related.

    3. absolutely no idea. sorry. although a quick google suggests that apart from some specific setting maintenance mode and waiting, it's just a case of copy over all the files and database, and correcting any path changes...
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  3. Telekomiker

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    Hi nhybgtvfr,

    thank you for the tips. The first tip was very helpful - it's running now! And for the third question I search vor aswers any more ... :-|

    Best regards!

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