Hyperic HQ Installation for a networkDoubt

Discussion in 'Technical' started by dvd.debian, May 14, 2010.

  1. dvd.debian

    dvd.debian New Member

    can any one please clear my doubts?
    I am very new to system monitoring...
    even though the questions seems to be silly,
    some one Please help!!!

    I installed HQ Hyperic Server and Agent
    in my system.

    My question s are :
    1. If I want to monitor nearly 100 Systems in a LAN,is it
    required to install the HQ agent in all the 100 systems?

    If not how to monitor systems in a LAN..???

    2. Consider my system name is A.
    I have installed Hyperic HQ server and HQ agent in system A to monitor
    my local machine.

    If I want to monitor System B, how to proceed?
    Whether HQ agent is required to be installed in System B
    or a local HQ agent alone is required?

    Thanks in advance!!

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