I made a bad choice during install, how do i change it?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by kidtriton, Jan 27, 2006.

  1. kidtriton

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    during my ispconfig on fedora core 4, i chose yes to both of these, and provided a passphrase where it says not to in the instructions (quoted below). The instructions say not to do this because it wont allow ispconfig to be restarted without human interaction, so how bad is this, and how would i go about reversing this choice? would i have to uninstall and reinstall the whole ispconfig? if so, is there even a way to uninstall it?

  2. kidtriton

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    oh great, i got to the part where it asks for the ip, hostname and domain, and i entered , www , and fedora.core and when i entered fedora.core as the domain the installation said it couldnt reach the URL and exited.

    I'm running the install again, but what can i put as the domain if this is just a test box running inside my corporate network and i dont care about it haiving a valid host and domain name?
  3. kidtriton

    kidtriton New Member

    OK, nevermind this whole post. I figured out how to resinstall, and this time i chose no to those 2 questions.

    I also figured out that the host and domain just have to match what the box was set up as.

    i had set the box up as dev.fedora.core and was putting www.fedora.core in the ispconfig setup, duh.

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