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    First I wanted to say that these "How-To's" really help with the learning curve.

    I have had to reinstall for the 3rd time a Ubuntu Perfect set-up with ISPConfig.

    If I need to do this again or goddess knows X other times, which is the easiest way to create a image of the initial install? Including the partitions, apps, & configured settings? I have 2 drives with less than 11 GB. With a initial install w/ISPConfig it seems to be way less than 2 GB. (Easily fits onto a a couple of Cd's) I want to find out if there is a way to do it & if it can be explained clearly. I would assume that copying info from a DVD would take substantially less time than running the set-up process all the way thru! Is this a correct assumption? Lastly, if it is possible could somebody tell me the process on how to get the info from a CD onto the partition that I would create if I had to restart from scratch?

    Every time I do one of these my knowledge grows, but I would like to recover from a mistake more quickly than doing a clean reinstall. Please share your expertise. I'm using a 400mhz + or - PC with a 128 in ram and a 8-12 x speed CD-ROM. So the complete Ubuntu LTS + ISPConfig takes over 2 hours. Am I pissing up a rope? Or is the way to set up ISPConfig the long way? Seems to me that ripping the info from a image might be possible? I got the idea because in the Ubuntu partitioner it gave me a option to copy the info from another partition. Or could I pop in a 3 or 2 GB HD and make a copy/image of the clean install + goodies i.e. default accounts & comp-sec tools, & not mess with it unless I need to do a reinstall. Then if I crash the system could I use the info on the backup drive to copy to the original machine?

    Any help would be appreciated. And I suspect that if this is possible many others could use this info/procedure to help recover from a massive or not so massive FUBAR! :eek:

    peace Michael Scott
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    I just found a possible solution here at this site

    I never got past page 5 on the list of "How To's"...

    I found this heading in the "How To's" <B>Creating Images Of Your Linux System With SystemImager</B>

    My question is: Is their something more current? Or have you found a better way ie Application or process to do this?

    I'll be back after I do a run thru with this "How To"... Which is after I set-up Ubuntu + ISPConfig for the 4th time in 2 weeks.... :rolleyes:
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    Thanks for the info

    Falko; thanks for the additional info. I've heard of one; linux rdiff. I'l definitly read-up on those 2 suggestions before making my choice of what to do next...

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