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Discussion in 'Desktop Operation' started by jsabarese, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. jsabarese

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    hello. i'm looking for a place (if such a place exists), a web site where i might browse through-- categorically, visually w/ screenshots and brief descriptions (and ratings would be awesome! bonus!)-- so that i might begin to feel more 'at home' here w/ Linux.

    an 'XP X-Patriot', i had a few much loved IDE's, vector imaging, and utilities for img sorting and manipulation-- general web work stuff which i yearn for some of those specialized functions, so i'd like to look for what's out there for Fedora Core 5.

    I'm already comfortable getting around, but i find myself missing certain specific software, for very targeted applications-- the old 'Must-haves'... i need to find my new "must- have's"

  2. sjau

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    Well, for graphic manipulation you have gimp. Not quite as powerful as photoshop but already way more features I have ever used.

    Regarding your other tools and stuff, you need to be more specific. I have seen there are vector graphic tools but never tried them
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    IDE's web dev and graphic editng: software oasis


    Linux and windows are entirely different from conccept to application design.


    You can get a loads of applications what ever you need for from sourcefroge and freshmeat.

    For every need there are several answers here.
    Only thing is we have to search, try a lot and choose which one is better for your need.

    So, keep searching.
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  5. sjau

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    That's a nice site :)
  6. latcarf

    latcarf New Member

    np :)

    now if I knew what and how to use better than 10% of what is listed I would be in good shape! :rolleyes:

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