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    I have an ispconfig installed on a server (SuSe), I also have 2 services installed on the same server on my lan. 1 service is located at x.x.x.200:200/service1 the other is located at x.x.x.200:200/service2, now the http port is routed to another server on my lan running IIS (WS 2012 x.x.x.2).
    So far I've managed to add on my ispconfig my dns entry's for subdomain "service1" and "service2" and a rewrite on my IIS so now I can access service 1 via service1.domain.com:200/service1 and service 2 via service2.subdomain.com:200/service2
    so the question is, dose anyone know how to configure my IIS so that all I have to do is enter service1.domain.com and get access to my service, in essence dropping the ":200/service1" part, I do not want to have to enter it in my url and I do not want it to show in my url once I access the service. Any ideas? Thank You
  2. Hi,
    Do you want to make this configure with ISPconfig or IIS. With IIS you can make a proxy from a domain name to an ip - port
    Do the following For IIS 7.5, Microsoft provides official modules for this!

    In the site settings, you'll get an "URL Rewrite" icon.

    • Open it
    • right click on the "inbound rules list"
    • Select "Add Rule(s)"
    • Choose "Reverse proxy"
    In this dialog you can enter the hostname + port to forward to. After adding the rule, opening the edit dialog offers more customizations.
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    Hi, yeah I want to rewrite ispconfig plus my 2 services to different domain names. I tried the iis rewrite, please re-read my original post. Thank you.

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