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Discussion in 'General' started by sbovisjb1, Jul 8, 2006.

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    Hello i am back from my hiatus as school is finished and i am in my summer vacation. I was wondering what the level of development and/or the progress of ISPConfig is. I would be willing to become a technical writer for the program. Also i would be willing to work on anything people need any help and i have a few asian friends that might be willing to translate some of the text into Korean and i can translate some of the documentation into Afrikaans and/or dutch as the languadges are quite similar (my parents would help alot ;)) Thats all and its good to be back.
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    Welcome back!
    Your help is very nice of course but please do not start with translations into Dutch. Recently i started with this already!

    Have a look here: and also here

    The language files for ISPConfig are translated into Dutch already and at the moment i am busy with translating the documentation into Dutch.

    See my website for more details.
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    :) Double Dutch indeed!

    Although, it is a lot of work, i prefer to do translation by myself.
    Reason for this is that the documentation will be more consistent.
    But there are other things to do as well...

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