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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Tekati, Jul 7, 2016.

  1. Tekati

    Tekati Member Moderator

    I have tried to use the ISPConfig3 Fetchmail mechanism but it does not appear to bring in IMAP folders. We currently use fusemail and want to import our 2000+ users but most of them are setup using IMAP and folders will most likely be a big issue.

    Is there an aftermarket program that can be used?

    Anyone have any experience importing large amounts of email accounts that would like to share their gotchas?
  2. Plutocrat

    Plutocrat New Member

    I've used the commandline imapsync and offlineimap to migrate an entire office, but not into ISPconfig. Both work fine, depending on what you're trying to do, but they do take a bit of fiddling to get the right config set up. Once you've figured that out, you sync, say once a day, and then immediately before you cut over the mail server.
  3. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Which Maildir format does your current system use? If it's a standard IMAP Maildir format, then you can simply copy the folders over on the harddisk.
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  4. elmacus

    elmacus Active Member

    Does not do SSL/TLS but still very easy and you can copy many at same time.
  5. Plutocrat

    Plutocrat New Member

    This is what offlineimap does pretty well.
    It will copy the contents of an IMAP account into Maildir format directly, and will only transfer the files that have changed. That makes it particularly good for migrating a lot of accounts.
    imapsync is also good, but more useful if you have two active mail servers at the same time. offlineimap allows you to prepare the target server first, and then do one last quick sync before you switch.
  6. Tekati

    Tekati Member Moderator

    Sorry was a little vaque I guess. Fusemail is a service so we do not have access to hard drive files what so ever. This all has to be handled server to server or server to local files.
  7. furion3000

    furion3000 New Member

    hi . i'm have integrate offlineimap in ispconfig is work. i'm have modificat the script getmail for working with getmail and offlineimap. in the php page getmail there are selection button for get mail and offlineimap.
  8. Jesse Norell

    Jesse Norell Well-Known Member Staff Member Howtoforge Staff

    Any chance that's clean enough you could contribute as a merge request? I suspect others might use it.

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