Improper use of CHROOT enviroment X secure file transfer between customer and admin.

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by adrenalinic, Dec 21, 2008.

  1. adrenalinic

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    Hello! :)

    I have update now to the last ispconfig version to test the chroot option on the users.

    Now, i want to use ispconfig, the control pannel and the chroot opton, for an improper use of multi user private file transfer over ssh.

    The idea is to take advantage of the ispconfig pannell to add users to the system without any knowhow from end admin user,
    and use the CHROOT enviroment to transfer files between customer and admin.

    Now, i have see that for each added user to chroot enviroment, ispconfig create files and library, and this can create confusion for the file transfer.

    The question is: i can delete folders and file (i will keep folders and files necessary to the chroot enviroment) to have a clean user folder? could be to us an other solution to customize the use of chroot enviroment within ispconfig?

    I hope of being to me explained!
    (can be strange, but not exist any web control pannel application to manage users of a sftp chroot enviroment!!)

  2. till

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    The files and folders created in the chroot enviroment are needed. If you delete them, the chroot enviroment will not work properly. These files and folders are added to any chroot enviroment, thats not ispconfig specifig, so you will have the same folders with any application that manages chroot enviroments.

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