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Discussion in 'Programming/Scripts' started by John759, Feb 1, 2020.

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    Morning guys. We are a small group of people who run, maintain and look after a Napoleonic fortress in West Wales (St. Catherine's Island) after the collapse of a development project in 2016. We inherited ISPConfig 3 through a Blue Hosts VPS which our website runs from and all has been ok until Thursday last when we lost our website which was also being routed through Cloudflare. Our first course of action was to rename the servers back to our own and then problem solve. It appears the route cause of the problem is the fact that php 5.6 is installed on our ISPConfig 3 and wordpress updates need a higher version. Ideally, up to 7.1. Our problem is we do not have the knowledge or experience to complete the installation / upgrade to php 7.1 truth be told it has taken us two days to actually find the problem. We have no problem dealing with the website side of things but ISPConfig is unknown territory for us. Is there anybody who could help us complete the upgrade to php 7.1 please ?
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