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    I'm migrating over mail from our Exchange server. I have about 2 users I know with tons and tons of email. In the middle of migrating over one of them I went over quota.

    Ive tried to modify the quota size in the admin.php script provided by Volksman, as well as modifying it in the mysql database. Each time I change it and submit the change I get an error saying:

    Warning: #1264 Out of range value adjusted for column 'quota'

    Per the guide the table type in MySql for quota is built in INT.

    Seems there might be some limitation with INT. Is there any way I can increase the size limit? I really dont want to have to go through this persons email box considering they are an ex-employee so I cannot make them clean it up themselves.

    Currently using The Perfect Mail Server set up for Ubuntu 8.04
  2. philefluxx

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    So I changed the table type to BIGINT, now I can modify the quota to a much larger value, but I still receive an error when copying mail over that I am over quota. Any ideas?
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    Found a "gotcha"

    I modified the quota size directly in the MySql db, it did not modify the actual maildirsize file located in the individuals mail directory. I believe if I had used to front end provided by Volksman, this would have been modified as well. I will test this with the next users mail box and if the maildirsize file isnt modified I will report back.
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    So the script provided by Volksman does not modify the maildirsize file. You can however modify this manually to resolve the issue. Looking over Volksman script it doesnt look like it was designed to do so (as he stated you may need to tailor it to your needs). This could also be a problem with postfix not modifying the file per what the MySql database says it should be, postifx also may not be running a query for this information so in essence "working as intended".

    Personally I dont think it is a big issue to make these modifications manually, the default is set to 2gigs. I only have a couple mailboxes that will need to exceed that size. Everyone else will just need to stay organized and remove things they dont need.

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