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Discussion in 'General' started by jbryner, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. jbryner

    jbryner New Member

    In the release of ISPConfig 3.03 when logged in as admin, there is a tab available under >Sites>Web Domain, that is labeled "Backup". when this tab is selected, the options of when to backup, and how many backups to save is available..

    I have purchased the manual, and been through it a couple of times looking for more information about this feature, but have not found anything in depth.

    I would love to know the ins and outs of this feature, as I was looking at a cron job for each user that would backup the clientxx contents to a folder called backup in the client folder. If I don't need to do this, and ISPConfig would take care of this functionality it would be a great help.

    Anyone able to shed some light on the functionality of the backup tab?

    Any / All help greatly appreciated..

    Thanks in advance..
    (I have attached an image of the tab I am referring to)


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  2. theWeird

    theWeird Member

    a backup function that creates filesystem backups in the selected interval
    stores selected numbers of backups, in your screenshot 4, backups will be deleted after 4 weeks
    user can access the compressed backup files to restore files from it without asking the admin

    only filesystem backup of the website, no mail, no databases
    only on servers own filesystem, if the harddisk is crashed the backups are lost

    My wish would be a backup function like this:
    Select remote backup target in System / Server Config, enter the login information for a remote FTP server
    enhance the backup tab: number of local backups, number of remote backups (to save disk space on local disk but to be able to store more backups on a special backup storage server)
    add the backup tab to databases and mail domains
    add the backup tab to clients and use informations entered there for all websites / databases / mail domains without own backup definitions

    If this could be part of one of the next releases I'd be able to kick tartarus from my cronjobs.
    By the way: I think tartarus is a great way to do the backups. It just needs a config file and a cronjob / be called by ISPC cron.
  3. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    This depends on your local setup. The Backup folder is configurable for that reason. So you can use filesystems on other servers to store the backups or a second harddrive in your server.
  4. jbryner

    jbryner New Member

    Where might I find documentation on the configuration for this feature? How do I find / configure what folder the backup goes to? config files?
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  5. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    It's in the manual.
  6. jbryner

    jbryner New Member

    In section at the bottom of page 190 I found

    "• Backup directory: This is the directory where web site backups will be stored. The default directory is /var/backup."

    This is all I have found regarding this service. I have configured it on a test domain, and have seen nothing over the last couple of days. I'm having some difficulties troubleshooting it, and could really use a little more help.

    The /var/backup directory exists, but there is no backup being created within that folder.

    I'm also not seeing any symlink in the webxx folders, nor any backup folder when logged into ftp as the user for the test domain.

    I'm hoping that I might obtain some additional information regarding the where / what to look for, as I'd love to be able to have this portion of the ISPC 3 up and working before I send the server live.

    Any additional help would be greatly appreciated.

    ****After a premature reply, and another search in the Doc, I missed it, and am now digesting Pages 96 and 97 of the manual... ****

    Will see where that takes me..
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  7. ptitbouc

    ptitbouc New Member


    First, sorry for my english...
    I have the same pb, inthis tab, i have selected daily and 5, and I have no backup created.
    Do you have an idea for this case ?
    Do you resolve your pb jbryner

    Thanks for help !
  8. ariban99

    ariban99 Member

    in ispconfig 3, i see the backup tap and its backing up the database and the files of each website.
    how do i get these files set daily to a freenas server on the local lan?
    also how do i backup emails and ispconfig database too?
  9. labsy

    labsy Member

    I also noticed that BACKUP functionality probably got lost in it's full shine during upgrades.
    So, on my server the situation is like follows:
    • SITE --> BACKUP Tab is showing backups, but none of the buttons does nothing.
    • Looking under filesystem under domain/backup folder it is EMPTY (missing being symlinked to real backup folder; actually this is normal folder, not symlink)
    • Real backup folder is under /var/backup/webXYZ/ for each domain (but is probably not symlinked to each site's /backup folder
    So user cannot access backups, and also buttons in Backup Tab probably operate on symlinked folders, which are empty.
  10. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    You are posting here in a really old thread which is not related to ispconfig 3.1. The backup function in 3.1 works differently, e.g. symlinks are not used for several years anymore as they don't work with jailed users and the backup buttns are all functional on my clean ispconfig 3.1 install, backups were made accessible by users in the backup folder of the website, this may take a minute.

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