Install Windows XP Pro *After* Kubuntu 8.04 w/ KDE?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by jorgia, Jul 17, 2008.

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    i had been hoping to dump Windows entirely and just run Kubuntu with no dual-boot, but now it appears a new job may require some software that only runs in Windows (not sure what programs yet). i really didn't want Windows on any PC of mine again (sigh).

    So the question i have is, since i already (just very recently) have a single-boot Kubuntu system running...can i install Windows XP Pro *after* Kubuntu without ruining the Linux installation? i know it's usually done in the reverse isn't it?

    Alternately, if there is some way to run the Windows programs from Kubuntu that would really be great...but it would likely need to be pretty transparent in how much i would need to know about configuration and such.

    The system by the way is a 1,000Mhz P3 with 384M RAM and a 20GB hard drive. i'm guessing the OS's would take up pretty much the entire internal drive (if it's even large enough) so i would plan to store the data on an external USB drive.

    Or a third less attractive option for my personal preference, would be to just start from scratch and install Windows/Kubuntu as a dual-boot...though i just now got everything working on the Kubuntu install darn it!

    Please keep in mind if you answer that i would probably need step-by-step assistance, as i am a Kubuntu newbie yes?

    Thanks for your attention...

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