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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by uchmannuz, Sep 26, 2010.

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    Please i need a little help with my Fedora 13 installation.
    I have a 40GB and 400GB. i have Windows on the first partition of the 40GB drive and later installed Fedora on the first partition of the 400GB drive. Unlike Red Hat, the installation didn't detect the Windows and after i rebooted i discovered that i can only boot Fedora.
    So later i edited /etc/grub/grub.conf file to include the Windows and the partition but still can't dual boot. Please i need a little help here. Thanks so much
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    it look like ugly.... what is your windows version ??
  3. maineac

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    If you haven't resolved this yet, you may be able to recover your Windows by restoring your master boor record (MBR).

    You might need a DOS disk to do this. Depending on the distribution and version sometime Linux will overwrite the MBR and set up GRUB or LILO to boot multiple OS's but Windows doesn't like that. It wants to be the only OS on your machine.

    from ...

    The MS-DOS Fdisk utility usually updates the master boot record (MBR) only if no master boot record exists. Repartitioning with Fdisk does not rewrite this information.

    Fdisk has an undocumented parameter called /mbr that causes it to write the master boot record to the hard disk without altering the partition table information.

    Warning Writing the master boot record to the hard disk in this manner can make certain hard disks partitioned with SpeedStor unusable. It can also cause problems for some dual-boot programs and disks with more than four partitions.

    Good Luck

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