Installing Casebox and Disaspora style systems on ISPConfig With Proxmox

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    1. MY SETUP
    1x Public IP
    1x Proxmox Install
    1x Lede (OpenWRT Router) port forwarding to ISPConfig
    5x Domains pointing to that one public IP.
    6x ISPConfig installed with Debian 9, PHP7, Apache.

    2. GOAL

    2.1. Install Casebox -
    2.2. Install Diaspora on same machine (if possible and kill two birds with one stone)
    2.3. Have casebox.domain.tld point to virtual machine hosting both Casebox and Diaspora.
    2.4. Have diaspora.domain.tld point to machine hosting both Diaspora and Casebox.


    3.1. Set up a "host only network"

    3.2. The definition of this is:

    "a virtual network that only exists on the host. the VMs you add to it can talk to each other just like a real lan, and your "main" vm can have 2 vnics, one in host only, one on the bridged lan, and act as a router/proxy for the host only lan."

    3.3. To do this, "For proxmox you just want to create a second bridge interface on the host (with no physical interfaces as members), then give your VMs NICs attached to that." "The Host" means Proxmox box.

    3.4. ISPConfig box would just need to port forward or reverse proxy as well.

    4.1. Taking into account my setup, and also that I know that ISPConfig has the ability to do "V-hosting with subdomains", I presume that this is what that is intended for.

    4.2. Would ISPConfig V-hosting be the correct way of doing what I need to do?

    4.3. How do you go about setting one up with CentOS as per the casebox instructions?

    4.4. Would it be possible to have both Casebox and diaspora running on the same v-host to be more efficient?

    4.5 Any entirely alternative solutions please?


    Linked Question about Proxmox Resources Capability:
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  2. Ghostdare

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    Basically, you can accomplish what you have in mind. I do not know if you can install Diaspora and Casebox on the same machine, you must experiment on that.
    What I can see is this scenario: In Proxmox provision two containers (or three, see above), one with ISPConfig and another one with Diaspora and Casebox. Then create two websites and with Apache directives use Reverse Proxy to point to the other machine.
    The downside of this is that you can not use LE certificates for those domains directly from ISPConfig setup without some additional configuration, where LE certificates must be accessible for the second machine.
    Sorry if my english it's not so great.

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