Installing multiple PHP versions - missing event.h

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    Just to add, I tried installing libevent, libevent-dev, kqueue and kqueue-dev, which supposedly should provide sys/event.h, but the program still complains. I also tried apt-file find event.h but no luck.

    can somebody, please please please really tell me which /sys/event.h, time.h and types.h files this thing really needs ? I tried different libraries but it keeps whining about these files and this is really frustrating.
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    OK so I built it without the flags
    --with imap
    --with imap ssl

    and it built fine, but I would really like to build it properly with IMAP.
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    The solution was to add
    --with-openssl=/usr \
    --with-imap=/usr \

    to the config command and it is now working OK.

    Additionally, the program auto-apt is awesome for resolving dependencies while installing from source.
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