Installing Suse 10 on Sata with windows on another sata

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by inteluser1000, Jun 12, 2006.

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    I just finished reading and printing a "how to" on installing SUSE 10. But i'm still afraid cause i've never installed linux before:confused: . I have Windows XP on one 80GB SATA HD. And i i have another spare 40GB SATA HD (un partitioned and no files). Now what i want to do is to install SUSE 10 on to the 40GB HD and be-able to have a choise of what system to use on start up. It may be in anyway. Either i select from a menu at each start up or to use a CD or a Disskette to start linux. Anyway, i just need a little good and well explained "tute" :cool: or something on how to do this:( .
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    That post was fine but,

    tat post was fine :smile: but i still dont know how to make it ask me weather to boot linux or windows at start up?:confused: Also i've already installed Windows i just have to install linux onto a new Sata hard drive that i had around, it's a secondery HD and it has no files. Thats all i want to know.

    P.S Linux does recodnize STA HD's right? (unlike windows we dont have t download and install thins sepereatly?)


    sorry about this i feel really bad to have not explained properly.
    I have a computer with 3 Hard Drives. A 160GB RAID HD, Another 80GB SATA and Finally a 40 GB SATA Drive. Windows XP i already installed into the 80gb SATA. The 160GB RAID is a second HD i use to store Windows files. I want Linux to use The Whole Third 40GB SATA HD and THAT HD only. then i want to be able two select which OS to boot at start up (through a program or what ever~!!, i dont know if my mother board supports to dual boot functioin it's a Intel D915GAV)

    Thankx alot fo runderstanding
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    While installing linux on seperate disk/partition, linux will detect windows installation and it will ask you a question about it.. This question will be raised when linux will be installing either lilo or grub loader. Just don't delete windows partition and everything will be ok! :D

    It's the other way around that doesn't work out of the box ;)

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