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Discussion in 'Developers' Forum' started by styx-tdo, Nov 30, 2018.

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    I don't use the form auto-generator anymore since ISPConfig 3.1, I create the files and database manually now, so it might be broken in 3.1.
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    and.. how can i auto-install them otherwise?
    Is there a good place like the lib/admin.conf.php file?

    Another question; If i need to add limits - can i extend the client* tables there?
    Is there a good approach for adding things in the client module or is this monolitic?
    How could I make client delete cascade to delete services in my module?

    sorry for the many questions, but i am kinda stuck there, wondering...

    p.p.s: Is there an ADDON developer manual?

    i did check the code, and built a SOAP webservice that works - but it seems the code is legacy and old and there is a bug with package_key (entered, but installer complains there isn't one)
    If that feature is not avail, can you depreciate it and remove it in 3.2? I like the package approach, but it seems that it is really tied for commercial addons..
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