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    Hi Linux Guru's

    I need some help regarding a missing driver for the internal SIM card/modem i my netbook, Compaq Mini 110c-1001.
    Link to Compaq showing the Netbook in question:

    OS is Ubuntu Desktop 12.04.4. 32Bit. Running standard setup and Cairo dock. Managed to get everything else to work including netbanking, skype etc. The only thing I need now, is to get this internal SIM card slot/modem to work. Please help me.

    Why do I need this so badly?
    I need this computer at Uni. Normally you could just use a USB modem. I tried that. Worked just fine, but the advantage of using a netbook instead of af notebook somehow disappears when 23 things is sticking out from the computer. I tested the SIM card in a USB modem of course.
    I did some reseached before making this thread and learned that some has cracked the problem, but its very complicated! Here's the link for the case I found. Please read post #33:
    Therefore, please help me. I'm not a total rookie, but I'm no guru either. Please help me, I'm attending Uni, and need this netbook to run Linux, and not windows. I need the computer to boot quite fast and without 2056 ekstra things I don't need. Linux is wonderfully fast. I upgraded with maximum memory and a SanDisk 256Gb type III SSD disk to make it run as fast as possible. Haven't got 12 minutes to boot, I need it to be ready in the beginning of the class ;)

    Looking very much forward to hear from anyone out there.
    Thanks in advance.

    Kind Regards,
    Dan Hansen/Denmark

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