Intranet Webserver - what O/S to chose?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by flameproof, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. flameproof

    flameproof Member

    I want to setup an intranet webserver mainly for Database (MySQL, php) development and use. I want to use an old PC for that.

    Target is to do some script writing on that server from another PC.

    What would be a good O/S to chose?

    My thinking is:

    Xp - no, I use the old Xp already on another PC
    CentOS - Our VPS uses CentOS and I have some experience.
    Ubuntu - we have some Ubuntu PCs in the office and use that too. I don't really need any fancy GUI after installation though.

    I tend to think that CentOS in combination with XAMPP would be a good idea. Performance and security is no issue for now. However, I do use old hardware (AMD 600 MHz or so, 750Mb RAM)

    Shall I stay with CentOS or any other suggestion?
  2. Flash

    Flash New Member

    Indeed CentOS would be good as you have experience there,etc. but in the end it really doesnt matter. I myself like to stick with 1 OS (in my case CentOS/Oracle EL) on all my servers/workstations as that makes management so much easyer.
  3. Franz

    Franz Member

    I'm stick with debian as server (LAMP).
  4. flameproof

    flameproof Member

    A little update:

    My co-worker installed XAMPP on his Ubuntu PC, works perfectly as an intranet server and was easy to setup.

    I probably stay there for now.

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