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    Got a silly question.
    When installing ISPConfig, question is asked:
    Is this local IP address for this server or IP address for the default gateway?

    Also, can I access ISPConfig from http://www.xyz.de:2082 instead http://www.xyz.de:81 ? If can, please let me know where do I change. Actually, I like it to make it http://www.xyz.de/cpanel, how do I point to the port?

    Thanks and appreaciate.
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    It's the local IP address of the server - the one you see for eth0 when you run
    on the shell.

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    RE: www.mysite.com/cpanel

    I did this with mod rewrite in /root/ispconfig/scripts/lib/config.lib.php

    You can also do this in each site under apache directives, but I wanted it to be global.

    In /root/ispconfig/scripts/lib/config.lib.php under "function make_vhost($server_id)"


    $web_httpd_include = $web["web_httpd_include"];


    //Cpanel Add Directives
    $CP_directives = "<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>\n\rRewriteEngine on\n\rRewriteRule ^/cpanel$ https://www.mysite.com:81 [NC]\n\r</IfModule>";
    if(isset($web["web_httpd_include"]) && $web["web_httpd_include"] != "")$CP_directives.="\n\r";
    $web_httpd_include = $CP_directives.$web["web_httpd_include"];

    instead of mysite.com you could use a variable that references each site so that when they are in the control panel they always see there domain, but you would need a wild card certificate if you are going to use https.

    You may also place other global directives in there like open_base_dir or disable_functions. This is perfect becuase it does not have an affect on ispconfig's control panel.
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