is 512M VPS adequate for postfix courier squirrelmail?

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by vcha, Jul 30, 2014.

  1. vcha

    vcha New Member

    I followed this HOWTO for CentOS:

    on a 1GB VPS (digital ocean) and everything works fine.

    To save some money I'm thinking about reducing it to 512M. Would this be enough, I rarely use Squirrel and it has less than 10 email accounts. I could uninstall squirrel if it were a factor in the resize.

    Any input appriciated. And thanks for the great HOWTO
  2. dcurrey

    dcurrey Member

    I have been running a 512 droplet since November of last year.

    This is my personal email server basically its

    With things like postgrey, postscreen and dkim added. Have roundcube and horde as my webmail clients.

    Handles only a few email accounts no real websites The virus/spam scanning on email can peak the cpu at 100% but it usually just a few seconds. Just make sure you setup the swap file, memory is tight.
  3. vcha

    vcha New Member

    Thanks for the reply. If the worst, that I can reasonably expect to happen, is a slowdown in the A/V that's acceptable.

    Also thanks for mentioning postgrey and postscreen. I'll have to look into both. I never realized how much spam I get untill I ran my mail server -- even with Amavisd and SpamAssassian

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