Is ISPConfig capable of ?

Discussion in 'General' started by shiroko, Feb 19, 2017.

  1. shiroko

    shiroko New Member

    Hello to the community,
    I actually run a dedicated webserver old fashion (all services on the same server : web, db, proxies etc.) and I'd like to move to a vRack architecture :
    I'm looking for a Panel capable to manage this type of setup and also the ability to order stuff from OVH API (vps, domains etc.
    I'm wondering if ISPConfig could be the right tool for this ? Cheers in advance for your inputs !
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  2. Utixo

    Utixo New Member

    yes, you can do that with ISPConfig, spread services among many different servers ... but no interface with OVH, that's something you could write yourself.
    OVH has many API available so it should not be difficult, if you want to write something let me know may be we can do that together, we are also interested in developing such interfaces
  3. Niubbo75

    Niubbo75 Member

    Hello, actually I have a vRack on OVH and I'm going to write something for create an automatic order from my website to OVH and generate automagically zones on my servers managed by ISPConfig 3.1.2. I think to use the remote user on ISPConfig and connect OVH API's to my Drupal website and then my website to ISPConfig to let it create users & services there.
    I don't know when I can do that because I'm very busy with other project, but the day I'll do that I'll share here on this forum.

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