Is it possible to log everything a website activities?

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  1. I've got the problem that one wordpress site just does not allow to make changes or even upload files. When you change the content it does not get saved and pictures uploaded with the wordpress plugin or ftp client get deleted. That is why I need to get a log of websites activities, becouse in apache2.log or the websites error.log don't show anything.
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    The log that contains all activity is the access.log, you can find it in the log folder of the website. The apache2.log is not relevant for website actvity, only the logs in the log folder of that specifc site contain these info.
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  3. Forgot to write that there was nothing in the access.log also. I hopped that there was some other log. But I think that the wp site has a chaching problem.
  4. till

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    The access.log is completely empty? It should at least contain lines for each request, no matter if an error occurs or not. If the log is empty, then check if it is empty in /var/log/ispconfig/httpd/domain.tld/ as well.
  5. No it's not empty, it has all accesses to the site. But there was nothing in there that helped to figure out the problem.
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    Ahh, ok. Then it's probably an internal issue in WP. In case that you just see an ispconfig error page, then disable custom error pages in the website, you shuld see the error page of the cms then which might contain additional details of the error.
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