Is my DNS settings correct?

Discussion in 'General' started by whaatda, Jul 29, 2014.

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    Hello all. I have installed and configured ISPConfig 3 to host my website and act as the primary DNS and using Buddyns as the secondary DNS. Can I have verification that I have the correct settings? They records propogate but just making sure everything is within standards.

    Are the "Allow Zone Transfers" and "Also Notify" IPs correct. Those IP Addresses point to the Buddyns DNS transfer IPs and are different from the Secondary DNS I listed. Not sure if that is how it is suppose to be or am I suppose to put the secondary DNS IPs that I have listed under the Records tab. Please provide your input. Thank you!

    DNS Zone Pic.


    DNS Records Pic.

  2. srijan

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    replace yourdomain.tld with the domain name that you want to query your local dns server for.
  3. till

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    The A-Records for are bot required if your zone name is not A-Records for NS records are only used when the NS records are a subdomain of the same zone. e.g. when your zone is and your NS records are and, then you have to add A-Records.

    The A-Record for the zone itself is on the second page? If not, then it is missing.
  4. whaatda

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    Here is an updated list with the A record to remove since they are not in my zone.


    Is this correct for the Zone A-Records?

    A ns1

    Also what is the definition for these lines? I added the IPs that told me to Allow AXFR Transfers to and their DNS check will only PASS me if I have those IPs listed on the Allow zone and Also Notify field
    - Allow zone transfers to
    these IPs (comma separated list)
    - Also Notify
    - Update ACL

    Thanks for the replies.

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