ISP Multi-Server IP private or public?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by mrbcast, Sep 9, 2019.

  1. mrbcast

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    Hey guys,
    I am getting ready to move my Proxmox server with my ISPCONFIG3 master and two Slave Servers for DNS to a datacenter. I will have to change my static IPs for all three servers. My question is while I am at it, A. Do I need to change them on the slave servers to call the master on the internal ip or the new external?, B. What all will I need to change on the master besides the control panel ip section and the database entries for the slave servers and master?, C. Will this require me to re-install the slave servers completely or is there a way to just do it from the command line?, D. What all needs to be changed on the slave servers as well?. I'm sorry for the list of questions, but this is gonna be the last move for me with this server and I want to get things done right before I get to the new datacenter to prevent as much downtime as possible. Thanks in advance!

    Jeff McDaniel
  2. Taleman

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    If the hosts have two IP addresses, they have to be set up as multi homed hosts.
    This is a much more complicated setup and you have to figure out how the ISPConfig multiserver setup hosts communicate with each other, that is through which interface and network, and set up routers accordingly.
    But why have you made such a setup? I use Proxmox with one IP-number for the iron host running Proxmox, and one IP Address per virtual host I have on that Proxmox. So ISPConfig master uses one IP Address, and the DNS servers use one address each. All these addresses are public routable IP Addresses and not RFC 1918 addresses.
    No need to apologize. Just use Internet Search Engines with
    Code: change IP address
  3. mrbcast

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    I think either you or I am misunderstanding one another. I have public static ips on all three servers and I have the whole server on my private network with publics viewable to the outside world right now. I am hosting through a comcast line here at the shop and only have 5 statics available. When I move to the datacenter they will provide 10 or as many as I need, but right now I have to prepare to change the statics I have over to new ones and have to tackle that problem. I have internals for each server running on a second nic but I didn't know if I should just have them connect through them (probably safer) or just go through the outside statics.
  4. Taleman

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    From the info on your new message, it still looks like you have two IP Addressess for each host. If all your hosts have IP Addresses from the same local network, use those for traffic between servers.
  5. mrbcast

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    Yes and no. One local ipv4 192.x.x.x and one public 173.x.x.x. But yes I agree it would be safer to have them communicate through the private. Thanks for your input. I value your help on this.

    Jeff McDaniel
  6. ahrasis

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    I think what works at home or office local network, should works almost the same at datacenter; as at the later, each server has its own public ip and yet you can normally network them with a private / local network ip too.

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