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  1. Poliman

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    I have vps named Under this name on port 8080 is accessible ISP panel, which has self-signed ssl certificate created during installation process. In ISP I have created one website under domain name which has let's encrypt ssl certificate which is secured and marked as green lock. Is that normal when I put in web browser bar address (can be without port explicitly) browser shows domain with self-signed certificate of ISP panel (near web browser bar is exclamation mark) not with it's own let's encrypt cert?
  2. Cris Kolkman

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    I think that's normal because it's probably the first (or top) domain you added, which means it's trying to display that site with the self-signed cert.
    When you're going to it probably shows the Lets Encrypt cert like it should.
    This seems to be quite normal behavior.
  3. Poliman

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    Currently on the server is only one website. This one which is opened under
    Next thing that when I put (isp panel port) I have to accept self-signed certificate of panel and then I can get into panel. Is that normal/default too?

    Is it possible to disable this redirection?

    And second thing:
    I have website configured under ISP panel. I tried enter to panel via this domain and port 8080 - Browser shows login form to ISP panel. I put credentials, clicked "login" and nothing happens. In browser console I have 404 Not Found error for (other finles with status 200, so ok):
    - dashboard.php, request url ->
    - nav.php?nav=side, url ->
    - nav.php?nav=top, url ->
    - keepalive.php, url ->
    - datalogstatus.php, url ->

    In other words - I can't log in to panel. Of course when I use normal url I have login form for ISP panel and I can login.
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