ISP3 Web interface not starting

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Morons, Nov 28, 2014.

  1. Morons

    Morons Member


    I have tried and fixed
    1. New Certificate was created
    2. I tried port 80 but the site always revert back to port 433 (Help with this alone will get me working again)
    3. Other hosted websites does work properly
    4. Using Internet Explorer have same error on 433 but sais page can't be displayed when using port 80

    /etc/apache2/sites-available/ispconfig.vhost changed
      # SSL Configuration
    #  SSLEngine On
    #  SSLProtocol All -SSLv2 -SSLv3
    #  SSLCertificateFile /usr/local/ispconfig/interface/ssl/ispserver.crt
    #  SSLCertificateKeyFile /usr/local/ispconfig/interface/ssl/ispserver.key
      #SSLCACertificateFile /usr/local/ispconfig/interface/ssl/ispserver.bundle
    Where else can I have a look please ?:confused:
  2. conductive

    conductive Member HowtoForge Supporter

    try using port 8080
  3. Morons

    Morons Member

    Realy thats your answer?
  4. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    The ispconfig interface runs on port 8080 by default like conductive pointed out, not 80 or 443 as it would collide with the normal websites then.
  5. Morons

    Morons Member

    Sorry You are indeed correct but I am refering to HTTPS on port 8080 ! Problem is still existing!
  6. opensource82

    opensource82 New Member

    I have the same problem and don't know what shall I do. I had a wordpress installed before ispconfig. I removed all its files but problem persists. Anyone can help with this?
  7. Morons

    Morons Member


    I have lot of admin to do on this server and getting Desperate.
    Is there a guide whereby I can remove the ISPConfig and re-install it so that ISPCONFIG 3 will re-create all the configuration files from scratch without me losing connections to databases and my Joomla Virtualhosts?

    I also would like to check the system and application files for all applicarions and check for missing and or corrupt stuff?
  8. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Download the ispconfig.tar.gz to /tmp, inpack it, cd into the install folder and start the update.php script. Let the update reconfigure your services.

    Do not try to uninstall ispconfig! You would not be able to use ispconfig on that server again without a complete server reinstall of the os.

    Btw. If you are Desperate to get your server working aian, then you can contact our business support here and one of our admins will fix your server by remote login.

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