ISPC3.1 One of my sites auto redirects to another.

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by GundW, May 26, 2017.

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    First off, thank you very much for this amazing product it is just right for me.
    I host a few personal sites. Recently I migrated to a new VPS and moved my sites across, one by one as I wanted to have a nice fresh base.
    I used the Ubuntu 16.04 guide for Apache and everything works as expected except for one small detail... one of my websites automatically redirects another website. They have different names and content. I have tried to delete and recreate the sites but the redirection persists.

    Unfortunately, I am unable to post the details here as this forum tells me I am posting links, I'll see if i can crate a reply with the details...

    Its a strange problem. Does anybody have any idea how I can debug, or where there are detailed logs. Perhaps some kind of trace will allow me to see where the redirection is happening?
    Any help or pointers is much appreciated.
  2. till

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    Check that you do not mix * and IP in the ipv4 field. either use the IP for all sites or *.
  3. GundW

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    Thank you very much for the quick response.
    I can confirm all sites are '*' only. I went through each page of each sites settings and they are all identical (except relevant details by domain name).

    I have read through the vhosts files and cannot locate any reason one particular site should redirect to another particular site.

    Is there a log I can see of what request is being made and what is being served, like some kind of debug?
  4. Have you checked the DNS records? Sometimes the AAAA records points to an ip4 address and that's enough to cause this kind of problem.
  5. GundW

    GundW New Member

    I can replicate this problem with a fresh rebuild.
    It is Ubuntu 16.04 with ISPConfig - 3.1dev.
    If a website is created with the fqdn of the server's fqdn and another subdomain exists that subdomain redirects to the first site alphabetically when ssl redirection is enabled.
    This then sticks forever, no matter what step is undone, even deleting all sites and recreating them.
    My workaround is going to be to create a CNAME in my DNS to redirect that one subdomain.
    I still can't post any links or things that look like links here, so it's going to be hard to explain the bug until then.
    Thanks for your help and sugegstions.
  6. I'm not sure it is a bug (however you may want to try first to update to the latest ISPConfig release (3.1.3), unless 3.1dev is the "cutting edge"? ) but rather linked to the way Apache servers work with SSL. But this stuff is so tricky...
  7. GundW

    GundW New Member

    I tested this again by rebuilding and using a different subdomain name. It does appear there is a problem with subdomains if the subdomain is also hosted, for example, for email. I have decided to step around this altogether by buying an arbitrary domain name purely for the purposes of the servers and infrastructure.

  8. GundW

    GundW New Member

    Nope. It started again after another fresh rebuild.

    After a lot of testing, this produces the undesired result:
    ISPConfig 3.1.x on Ubuntu 16.04 with the Perfect Server Apache tutorial and the PHP 5.6 tutorial with Let's Encrypt active.
    If a website on that server has PHP 5.6 selected from the version list AND is using Let's Encrypt certificate then it redirects to the first site created on the server.
    I tested this with Firefox and Chrome, multiple restarts and cache flushes inbetween,
    I'm going to rebuild again now, without the PHP 5.6 and report back.

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