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    here is a preview of the upcoming ISPConfig-2.1.3. This is just a preview, please test it and report your results here, but be aware that it might work on my system and break yours, so dont try it on production systems.


    If the installer fails on your system, DONT PANIC :)

    The installer puts a backup of the directories /root/ispconfig, /home/admispconfig and the mySQL database (SQL-Dump) in the /tmp directory. By extracting these backups to their original locations and restoring the database backuo you get your original system back.

    Dont run the installer another time after it has failed without restoring your old version as described above, otherwise the installer will delete the backups in /tmp and treats the attempt as new install and not as update.

    Changelog ISPConfig 2.1.3

    - Added Slackware support
    - Changed password encrytion to enhance security and compatibility
    - Enable / disable PHP Filters for apache2
    - Updated clamav-0.88
    - Updated apache_1.3.34
    - Updated php-5.1.2
    - Updated mod_ssl-2.8.25-1.3.34
    - Fixed a bug when Webs /customers where moved to another reseller
    - Option in config file to enable sudo for webquota stats
    - Enhanced swedish translation
    - Enhanced italian translation
    - Added support for Virtuozzo network interfaces (venet+) in bastille-firewall.cfg.master
    - Bugfix in admin database backup script

    Especially the update to PHP 5.1.2 might bring us a speedup in writing the config files as PHP 5.1.2 comes with a new core engine that shall be much faster then the older versions.

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