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Discussion in 'General' started by andypl, Mar 13, 2006.

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    I have the problem in customers subdomains. When customers editing his subdomains in bind config domains adding new records that's ok but not deleting old editing records.
    Next problem customers add new domains in his panel when deleting this domain and clicking on empty trash domain has been deleting in his panel but not deleting on system only admin cant delete domain on manage dns.
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    I'm going to check this.
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    Ok, I've just checked this, and what you think is a bug is in fact the way it is intended to be.

    ISPConfig does not automatically delete DNS records if you delete Co-Domains because DNS records are something very important that only the admin should be able to delete in the DNS-Manager.
    Imagine you have an MX record that you also have as a Co-Domain. Now you delete from the Co-domains tab because you do not want to use it for web sites any longer. If ISPConfig also deleted the MX record, then you wouldn't be able to receive emails anymore!
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    I think better is customers have like Manager DNS list A RECORDS and cant delete.
    When delete MX records ISPCONFIG send email to system administrator or if customers want add MX records send email to administrator.

    If customers add new subdomains Serveralias in apache2 virtualhost changed but dont add new alias.
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