ISPConfig 2.2.29 + Remoting 4.2.1 Beta | Bugs ?

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    Hello !

    I'm using ISPConfig 2.2.29 with the Remoting framework 4.2.1 on Debian Ethch, and I have some problems with the API :

    1. The API does not work when i try to list a site that starts with a number ( using the web_list function.
    2. I can't delete sites (web) using the API, if it is a problem with the recycle bin, there is an empty function for? I'm using this function :
    //  Deleting  a  Web
    $params  =  array  ('sid'               = >  $session_id,
                                 'module'         = >  'web',
                                 'function'        = >  'web_delete',
                                 'params'         = >  array  (      web_title  = >  '$domaine'));
    $soap_client- >call('service',$params);
    if($err  =  $soap_client- >getError())  die("Error:  ".$err);
    3. When i create a data base (MySQL) using the API, i can't retrieve the information about the DB (like DB name and user).

    Thanks in advance !
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