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    Good Morning ,
    My name is Nacho . You sure you can get us out of doubt ...
    I'm testing this panel ( ISPConfig ) for web management , and so far seems very good tool, but I wonder if anything is beyond me ... for managing the files. I do not see the file manager or GUI interface , with other panels pay to upload compressed files and decompress them on the website , for example , change, name, move, copy ...
    Just allow the rise and fall of files via FTP ?.
    To migrate , we need to upload a lot of files , and wanted to upload compressed and then decompressed ... How could carry out this work ?

    Thank you .
    a greeting
  2. till

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    You can use any web ftp client with ispconfig, the link to the webftp is freely configurable under System > Interface config. You can. e.g. use pydio:

    But for website migrations you normally do this on the shell as it is faster when you migrate a whole server with a lot of sites instead of each website one by one trough a web interface.

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