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  1. Jo5hua

    Jo5hua New Member

    This theme was created in order to provide my clients an engaging user experience to ISPConfig. This is template is made to be inviting and beautiful while still keeping all aspects of the general user interface intact. The download size of this theme 9mb because included are a 17 number of extra background images to serve as ISPConfig wallpapers. These are included to give you the option of changing the wallpaper.

    A future release of this theme will include a handy button to let you change between wallpapers (or background colors?) and keep this setting remembered across session logins. If so users and clients will also be able to have custom background - or this can be a sort of setting in the template. Suggestions and feedback welcome.


    1. Download the latest version of the theme using the above link.
    2. Create a backup of the default theme located at /ispconfig/interface/web/themes/default/
    3. Extract the contents of the ZIP and move the "css" and "images" folder into /ispconfig/interface/web/themes/default/

    Changing your wallpaper (Future theme version will have a button to change wallpaper)
    • Open /ispconfig/interface/web/themes/default/css/styles.css
    • Edit line 1873: background: url("../images/bg/15.jpg") fixed #000000;
      Change "15.jpg" to whichever wallpaper you want to use. Wallpapers are located in the /images/bg folder.

    Latest Version


    Initial Version with Miami Wallpaper (16.jpg)

    I'd like to first start out by saying a big thank you to the developers of ISPConfig. It's empowering when I can look the other way from paid solutions and work something together with a free solution. The software is pretty powerful (when handled properly) and I think it will fulfill my needs just great.

    My only gripe with ISPConfig is it's user experience challenges. Being the user interface is somewhat dated to current user trends, first thing in my mind is potentially discouraging users from engaging in the management of their website. While everything is good UX wise, it still concerned me that users may not embrace the total experience involved. This being very important to me as it should, I started playing in Chrome Web Developer making changes here and there, and well... Literally just knocking things off completely on the template..

    The background was knocked off and replaced with a welcoming and inviting background that I feel really pulls the user in and engages them instead of the opposite. Luckily the structure and CSS let me do very quick changes that completely changed the overall presentation.. I also knocked off most of the background of the UI and replaced it with a transparent glass interface with a shadow, and cleaned up some excess colors, borders and lines to give it a cleaner look.. This only took like 5-10 minutes but I am really happy with the result and thought to share it with the whole community.

    I know there are those that don't like flashy bang bang stuff, but I do and this is one of those themes. It's super late and it was a quick job, not final, and I will be working on it A LOT more as I really want to create something that looks good for users utilizing my services. I would love to hear feedback and suggestions and will be working fast to finalize a design and share it with you all.

    Only one screenshot for now as this was literally a 5-10 minute hack job in Chrome Dev Tools. I'd say this is 5 percent complete. Theres a lot to be tamed here and detail that can be added and other things improved to change the look even more into something cleaner and even more modern. Also, these changes involve uploading one background image, and overwriting one css file. Hope some of you guys like!
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  2. Jo5hua

    Jo5hua New Member

    PS: I just saw the new bootstrap theme for the upcoming ISPConfig and wow, it is beautiful. Now I really want to install it and knock out all the backgrounds in favor for a background wallpaper image and glass effect :) Great work on the theme I love it.
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  3. tek

    tek New Member

    First off, thanks for the work you have put into this.. I like the look.
    I have a question which I think I am right but figured can't hurt to ask, especially if it benefits someone else...

    Wouldn't it be better to just create a new folder called Miami inside of the /ispconfig/interface/web/themes folder.. then copy over all of the files from default and drop them into the new folder then just copy your stuff over the top of that...

    That way JUST IN CASE, something breaks later on down the road you could still roll back to the default theme?
    Something always happens...
    just a thought.
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