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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by MartiniXLN, Mar 11, 2020.

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    Hello Everyone,
    I did a fresh ISPConfig 3.1.15p3 installation on a fully up-to-date Debian 10 Buster according to the perfect server how to posted on the ispc site.
    Problem is the System menu tab is not working in the control panel. Tried updating ispc with and choosing stable and git-stable sources. After update I rebooted the box but the problem persists unfortunately. I checked it on multiple browsers (Firefox, Pale Moon, Chrome, Safari) and systems (Windows, Linux, iOS) and the observed behavior doesn't change. The system tab doesn't work - no settings visible. Clicking on items in the left vertical pane has no effect whatsoever. My server is running Apache, Postfix, Dovecot, MariaDB 10.3, BIND9 and Pure-FTPd.
    Kindly please help.
  2. till

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    Please check the global apache error.log of the web server for errors when you try to use the system tab. You did not create a global alias in apache for the word 'admin' e.g. for phpmyadmin? I just ask as the symptoms you describe would match this.
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  3. MartiniXLN

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    Spot on target, Till :)
    That indeed was the problem, although not with phpmyadmin, but mailman.
    I messed things up when i added ScriptAlias directive for "admin" in the /etc/apache2/conf-enabled/mailman.conf file (lines at the bottom). Commented the offending lines out, reloaded apache2 and lux et veritas the problem is gone.
    Thank you very much for quick response and keep up the great work with ISPC.

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