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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by Kronz, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. Kronz

    Kronz Member

    Hello, I am trying to confiure ISPConfig 3.1 to work behind NAT, but I am facing problems. I tried some suggestions here but it doesn't work.
    Here is so far what I have done:

    1. Server Config > IPv4 Address (Internal NAT Address)
    2. Server IP Addreess > (Internal NAT Address)
    3. Website IP - (Internal NAT Address)
    4. DNS IP's - (External IP of the ROUTER)

    /etc/host file:
    (External IP)
    /etc/hostname file:

    DMZ set on the router.

    Port 8080 open in UFW and IPTABLES.

    Still, there are two problems:

    1. http_s://(External IP):8080 returns error "Took too long to respond". Internal IP works OK.
    2. htt_p://(external IP) or loads a webpage OK.

    Please help.
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  2. florian030

    florian030 ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    did you open port 443, too?
  3. Kronz

    Kronz Member

    Yes, it's open.
    It all works when I access http_s:// but when I access http_s://<EXTERNAL IP>:8080 it says "site took too long to respond".

    Here is what I just did:
    1. Called ISP.
    2. Asked if DMZ is active - said YES.
    3. Asked if router firewall is up - said NO.
    4. Made an additional rule in the router for port 8080 although I have DMZ but nevermind.

    Still nothing.
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  4. Kronz

    Kronz Member

    OK, sorry for being a retard.
    Turns out 8080 was taken by service http-proxy.
    I changed the port of ISPConfig to 8083 and now it all works.

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