ISPConfig 3.1 Magento2 and Php7-FPM

Discussion in 'Developers' Forum' started by Robson Lopes, Apr 30, 2016.

  1. Robson Lopes

    Robson Lopes New Member

    Hello, I have 3 questions about ISPConfig 3.1

    1 - How to generate socket for webdomains using php7.0-fpm? I set php in PHP Settings, but the sockets folder remains empty even if the vhost file nginx appears correctly, it does not work.

    2 - Editing the nginx master for php7.0-fpm, socket is created in the block location @php when i using hhvm and php7.0-fpm as fallback. If select only php-fpm on the panel interface of webdomain, then in vhost appears only

    location @php {
    deny all;

    3 - Installing Magento2 with APS occur permission errors, only after manually fix permission, Magento 2 can be installed. Is there any way to set folder permissions by the installer?
  2. proxybuy

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    with WordPress can help but do not know sorry Magento

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