ISPConfig 3.1 to Centos 7.2 (customized components) tutorial.

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  1. Dear developers / Till,

    I am installing my second mail server with the new ISPConfig 3.1 to CentOS 7.2 but want to keep it easy and the install simple on the tutorial. Due to the purpose of a mail server ONLY with Roundcube, I am not requiring to install FTP, BIND, WEB, DNS and Spamassassin. Is it possible to skip these components including Amavis, Clamav, Webalizer, AWStats, Getmail, Mailman, Jailkit, fail2ban and rkhunter. Not sure which ones are required or recommended for the mail server to function properly. I am assuming Getmail and Mailman is needed? Concerning Spamassassin, Amavis and Clamav, this is not necessary as I have Barracuda Networks for mail gateway and security at the domain MX/DNS level.

    NB. Anyway, you developed best server platform for Linux. Great software.

    Harvey Sharman
  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Hi Harvey, you can skip the web and DNS server setup parts. Take a look at the new ispconfig 3 manual (which you can download as subscriber here to get an idea what is required for a mail only server. The info is in the multiserver setup tutorial (the mail node), it's for Debian but when you use the CentOS perfect server to "translate" the steps to the centos package names, then it should work. But you should not skip clamav, spamassassin and amavis as the server won't work without them, e.g. amavis is also used for DKIM mail signing and the whole postfix configuration won't work. What you can skip is mailman (if you don't want to run mailing lists).

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