ISPConfig 3.2 behind HAproxy (Postfix / Dovecot)

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by dvazart, Feb 10, 2021.

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    I'm running ISPConfig 3.2 behind HAproxy, everything is working good, but on Postfix and Dovecot the client IP (real IP) is not passing through.

    On HAproxy I just created a TCP listen like :
    listen ispconfig_mail
        mode tcp
        option tcplog
        server srv-mut-clients check port 25
    I know adding support to Proxy Protocol supported by HAproxy, Postfix and Dovecot is the solution to my problem but I want to know which is the proper way to do this (to be persistent on updates, etc).

    Any advice is welcome, thanks in advance.
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    Rules are bad

    You must create frontend/backend for each service, AKA for imaps:

    ## IMAPS frontend
    frontend ft_imap
            mode tcp
            default_backend bk_imap
    ## IMAPS backend
    backend bk_imap
            mode tcp
            balance leastconn
            stick store-request src
            stick-table type ip size 200k expire 30m
            server send-proxy-v2
    Also please consider only secure services on mail server, avoid 143 and 110 ports
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    Your changes to dovecot/postfix will need to go in conf-custom files. Right now (3.2.2) that would require copying the corresponding templates (from the installer's install/tpl/ directory, into your local conf-custom/install/) and making your changes there - in the next release there will be a new conf-custom file you can put your additions in, which makes most changes a little easier because you don't have to track and merge changes to the entire main template for each.

    For specifics on creating conf-custom files, there's a lot of info in the forums here; the exact filenames to copy depend on what OS your running.

    Note ports 143 and 110 can both use TLS, so they aren't necessarily insecure if clients use TLS; you can even require it (ssl=required in dovecot config).
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