Ispconfig 3 and dockers and VM's?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by uberkie, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. uberkie

    uberkie New Member

    I have a NMS running on a docker and i want to assign a domain. I cant change the ip of the docker only the range it then assumes the ip of the host.
    So the problem is it takes priority over other domains on the server and is accessible on all the assigned ip's.
    How it s suppose to be
    x.x.x.1 - ispconfig - accesible on any port
    x.x.x.2 - - accessible on any port
    x.x.x.3 - docker -private range 172.16.x.x on the internal bridge - accessible on any port
    currently x.x.x.1,2,3 all goes to the docker unless the port is not being used by the docker
    x.x.x.1 -docker
    x.x.x.1:8080 -ispconfig
    x.x.x.2 - docker
    x.x.x.3 - docker
    Should i run the docker on a separate VM or can i run it from the host itself ?
    hope i explained it well enough
  2. spicy molly

    spicy molly New Member

    thanks a lot for your help,
    have figured it out, had to make a lot of configurations on azure before installing.
    esp firewalls and the subnet settings
  3. spicy molly

    spicy molly New Member

    another question, aside installing ispconfig, is there any other thing i can do with the VM?

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