ISPConfig 3 and Horde Groupware Webmail

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    For those who want to implement a Groupware solution on their servers with ISPConfig 3. I have made some modifications to the Horde filters manager (Ingo) in order to synchronize the information with ISPConfig.
    With this modification you can synchronize Blacklist, Whitelist, Vacation, Filters and Forward (@TODO Spam)
    The commit can be found here:
    This commit is for Ingo v3.3.0, but I have a running modification for v3.2.6 which I want to commit to see if they can release as an update within the same version.
    Please note: This backend require some special configuration. Please search for ISPConfig3 in the backends.php and hooks.php.dist files. Also you must uncheck in the Ingo configuration -> Rules Options -> $conf[rules][userheader]

    I leave this conversation open in order to receive your opinions and suggestions.
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